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44 mm thick steel doors shall conform to the specification of ANSI A250.8-2003/HMMA 861-06/SDI 100 and provide resistance in accordance with UL752 Level 4.
“BR” doors are made full-flush or seamless type (optional). Face sheets are commercial quality cold rolled steel conforming to ASTM A1008/A 1008M-02, A653/A 653M-01 Galvanized or A666-00 Stainless Steel.
Doors are mechanically interlocked, hemmed, and vertical edges have no visible seams on faces claded inside with armor plate. 1.5 mm Vertical steel stiffeners are placed 150 mm apart along their length. Rockwool slab insulate the area between stiffeners. The top and bottom door edges are closed inverted by 1.5 mm steel channels welded in place.


1.5 mm/ 2.0 mm

Fire Ratings

Conforming to ANSI/UL 752 Level 3 or 4

Hardware Provisions

Hinges preparation non handed. Hinge are mortised for 4-1/2” or 5”, heavy weight hinges, 4.5mm steel reinforcement are welded inside the door edge and are drilled and tapped for fastener in accordance with ANSI A156.7-2009. The lock edge has a square edge and is prepared for GOV series 86, 160/161 or 90 locks in accordance with ANSI A115 or Euro lock. Hardware reinforcement meet or exceeds ANSI A250.6-2003 (R2008)


Doors shall be provided one coat of oven–cured neutral color primer paint. Primer coat shall conform with ANSI A250.10-1998 (R2004) . The primer coat is preparatory base for necessary finish paint.

Suggested Use

Police Station




Military buildings


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